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Real estate management

Basically real estate management imply rent out service. In our company we decided to extend the list of provided services. We offer:

  • Drafting and analysis of Real estate purchasing investment plan for rent or further resale.
  • Real estate rent out. Beside, we're providing (at your expense, of course!):
    • whole range of preparing (furnishing, restoration, exc.) work;
    • fitting the accommodation with all the necessary stuff (cutlery, bed sets, exc.);
    • we control the safety of everything in the unit;
    • providing and guarantee all utensils payment in time;
  • Units exchange on bigger or better (Upgrade) with additional payment or smaller (Downgrade) benefiting the difference in price.

For guesthouse and mini-hotel owners we offer to cardinally increase the amount of tenants, connecting to online booking system, which we provide on our web-site.

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